Mike S Millers: The Imaginaries

The story began with the universal idea of imaginary friends, and what happens to them when their creators stop believing in them; they go to a miraculous world called ‘the Imagined Nation’. Launching initially with impressive numbers through Image comics. Created by Artist/Writer Mike S. Miller (The Hedge Knight, Lullaby, JLA, Adventures of Superman, Wolverine) and co-written by Miller and Ben Avery (The Hedge Knight, Lullaby) with art by one of Greece’s premier illustrators, Nikos Koutsis, the new series takes a slightly more mature tone visually while maintaining the wonder and imagination of an all-ages title. Superhero G has found a new purpose for his existence, but struggles with his desire to return ‘home’ to his best friend and sidekick, Tanner. With an ever growing cast of characters and the amazing visual cornucopia that Koutsis delivers, the new Imaginaries series is sure to blow all expectations out of the water!