The Myth Adventures of the Muses

90 percent inspiration... 10 percent exasperation!

Take 9 totally different personalities, toss them into one household, and you’ve got The Muses. These daughters of Zeus are sent to live with their guardian Cosmo the Minotaur to master their unique powers and learn how they can make a difference in the world (or at least stay out of trouble).

The Muses live with Cosmo high atop Mt Olympus in a tiny home with only one bathroom! All the girls are paired up in shared rooms except for Mel, who snores too loud. The exasperated Cosmo lives in a travel trailer out back, where he tries to steal some peace and quiet.

Keeping nine girls in check is not very easy for dear old Cosmo. Each Muse has a very strong personality, which, in a tight space, is a recipe for disaster. During their stay, the girls will figure out their powers, life, how to get along with each other, and, of course, boys. Speaking of boys, their brother Hercules ("Herc" for short) works as a messenger for their father —with adorable buddies Apollo and Achilles in tow.

Each of the Muses wears a magical Amulet at all times, a parting gift from their father, the almighty Zeus (All the children of Zeus has these). The Amulets are keys to unlock the labyrinth of passageways through Mt. Olympus and to unlock each Muse’s hidden talent. The girls use their Amulets on adventures that take them all over the boundaries of Mt. Olympus and beyond the River Styx to Xanadu. Along the way, they meet beings great and small, magical and mystical, that help and inspire them.

Not everybody loves these adorable sprites—least of all Hera, Zeus' jealous wife and queen of the gods. The Muses call her "Step-Monster" and they are not far from the truth! The villainous witch Hera is consumed with plots to capture them and control their Amulets for her own evil schemes. Hera, her sidekick Homer the crow, and her minions Medusa and the Sirens, along with an assortment of other evil creatures, try to rid the world of The Muses.