Dear Librarians & Educators:

Over the past year Bluewater Productions has developed and published several graphic novel titles we believe are worthy of your consideration for inclusion on your shelves. We have completed nearly twenty biographical issues of noteworthy individuals who have shaped modern history or significantly impacted our culture.

Under the title banners of "Female Force" and "Political Power" these books strive to tell even-handed biographical stories of their subjects. Each graphic novel contains four individual issues. Our latest "Female Force" offering includes the biographies on Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin and Caroline Kennedy.

Graphic novels have grown in popularity and are no longer viewed as lightweight reading. In fact, I point to comics as the impetus that made me a better reader. As a child, I was a poor student and poor reader; as such, I avoided books. Then I began to read comics. Comics improved my vocabulary, my reading confidence and instilled a life-long love for books. For me, comics were the gateway that opened up a whole world of literature.

I believe our offerings can serve a similar purpose in your library. They are professionally produced, entertaining and educational.

Of late Bluewater has been fortunate to receive significant media coverage for several of these titles including our latest issues featuring authors J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer. Over the past several years we have worked with many high profile personalities and authors including William Shatner (Tek War novel series) and most recently with S.E. Hinton.

Bluewater has a tradition of working with libraries. Over the years I have been personally involved with several literacy initiatives and have even taught summer programs to children on comic book production. creating and self-publishing their own comic books!

We wish to be an asset for your library and ask that you review our materials. When you find it meets your professional standards to place an order for your branch. We even welcome your comments on a public forum or blog.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, issues or concerns.

Darren G. Davis
Bluewater Productions, Inc.
11500 NE 76TH ST. SUITE A3-320
Phone: 360-828-1696