Listen to what other libraries and schools are saying about Bluewater:


"We admire the positive message you're bringing to young adults with this series."

Anni Condron

"Bluewater Productions creates intelligent, well-examined biographies of authors and stars as well as political and historic figures. If readers are looking for factual insights, relevant information, and terrific art, these books are a great source."

Anne Elizabeth
RT Book Reviews Magazine

"I wanted to express once again how thrilling it was to have you come yesterday and conduct your workshop. The kids were over the moon about it. We never, ever have them asking, 'will you do this again?'"

Sue Decker
Sherwood Public Library

"Darren Davis of Bluewater Productions presented a terrific Comic Book Creation program for teens at the Mount Vernon City Library. Having written comic books himself, he was able to share a lot of helpful tips and tricks. The generous array of free giveaways for the teens was an added and much appreciated bonus."

Linda A. Allen
Youth Services Librarian
Mount Vernon City Library


"Thank you so much for offering your services to the Fort Vancouver Regional Library and presenting what was a fantastic program to children and teens in our community."

Marshall Shapiro
Stevenson Community Library


When everyone started coming out with GRAPHIC NOVEL EVERYTHING I thought I for the most part was wise to all those "educational graphic novels." I wasn't about to be tricked into reading Moby Dick just because there were speech bubbles!

There is nothing dry about the Female Force comics even though at first glance they might look alarmingly educational. The storytelling is honest, quick paced, and yes you will learn some truly interesting things about these strong characters. I loved reading the single issues and seeing X-men ads interspersed… super heroes somehow fit right in with the feel of these stories. These women: Princess Di, Condoleezza Rice, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and Caroline Kennedy are not sugar coated, but it is clear they are heroes in their own right. Condoleezza Rice grew up in Birmingham in the 1960s…in her story you see the real heroes and the utter evil. You feel as if Condoleezza's accomplishments are worth just as much as X-ray vision or super strength even if you are not sure her powers were always used for good. Bluewater Comics gets heroes…and it shines through in these stories. These are definitely titles to add to your Women Kick Butt shelf.

There is a note in the Michelle Obama issue about the Hilary Clinton issue that says "Get the whole story in Hilary Clinton… Vampires, werewolves, explosions, politics… Hubris." This was a bit of an exaggeration…but all I can say is that I didn't miss the vampires or werewolves at all. I would love to get more political takes from the writers Chris Ward, Chris Arrant and Neal Bailey complete with flag waving and very patriotic socks. Thank you Bluewater! More please!

Aubri Keleman