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Kim Kardashian's love life has been part and parcel of her rise to the throne of pop culture icon. She definitely knows how to pick men and it is the many loves of Kim Kardashian that Bluewater Productions will explore in "15 Minutes: Kim Kardashian," coming in September. This chronicle of sex tape diva turned world celebrity brand is written by New York Times Bestselling Author Marc Shariro and illustrated by the mad talent of rising star Noval Hernawan.

"Marc and Darren have been completely supportive from the get-go. It's safe for me to say that, over-all, I'm quite happy with the end result of this project," said Hernawan. "I'm very grateful to be given this opportunity, and I hope the reader will enjoy the book as much as we enjoyed making it. Hopefully Kim will, too!"

"15 Minutes" is a brand new series brought to you by Bluewater Productions that will focus on reality stars. These celebrities, for better or for worse, have grabbed onto the attention of millions of people around the world. Countless pairs of eyes have watched, riveted, as Kim Kardashian got married on national television, "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" jet set from one lavish party to another, and the cast of "Jersey Shore" picked fights with each other on the boardwalk. "15 Minutes" will chronicle the major players in this "celebreality" phenomenon.

Bluewater has focused extensively on celebrity culture in the past with their "FAME" series. "FAME" introduces the readers to a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of their favorite stars. The series pinpoints how a person rises to fame, deals with their newfound celebrity status, and continues to produce in the public eye. Bluewater also releases bio-comics focusing on the lives of important political and female figures in modern culture with their "Political Power" and "Female Force" series respectfully. Bluewater biographies have drawn the attention of hundreds of news outlets, including People Magazine, MTV, CNN, and The Today Show.

Print versions of "15 Minutes: Kim Kardashian" will be available for $3.99 at Comic Flea Market, and digital copies will be on Amazon, Nook, and Kobo.