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Author(s): Reed Lackey
Artist(s): Russell Dauterman
Cover Artist(s): COVER A) Russel Dauterman, COVER B) Lipe
Price: $3.99

Nearly driving off a cliff after finding himself once again young and vibrant, Adam West discovered he had somehow been transported inside the screenplay for an espionage thriller. After the true nature of this surreal scenario is revealed, Mr. West must find a way to dispense justice, or become trapped in this fictional universe forever.


Logan's Run: aftermath #4
Author(s): Paul Salamoff
Artist(s): Mike Dorman
Cover Artist(s): Mike Dorman
Retail Price: $3.99 IN STORES: SEPT 28

The ruins of The Thinker have become a holy land for those unwilling to accept their new future. But what has started as a cult is amassing into an army. But an army without a leader. Violence and chaos reach a fever pitch and Jessica and Jaq are caught in its wake as Tara-8 reveals her true plans for Logan.


The Legend of Isis #1: The First Flight of Horus
Author(s): Darren G. Davis & Kenton Denton
Artist(s): Andr√© Ara√ļjo
Cover Artist(s): Jossie Lara

Legend of Isis is back in an all new ongoing series. It's a family affair. Isis learns she's a mother the hard way. Her estranged son, Horus, has big plans for Mother's Day, and they don't involve flowers and candy.


Vincent Price Presents #36: Build a Better Mousetrap
Author(s): John Judy
Artist(s): Luis Chichon
Cover Artist(s): Luis Chichon

The intellect-enhancing serum Dr. Wearden has been giving the mice worked initially, but now they aren't getting smarter. Desperate, he uses the serum himself, hoping to become smarter but instead becoming delusional and paranoid, suspicious of his wife, boss, and colleagues... and what exactly is happening with those mice?


Fleischer #1
Author(s): Edward Gross & Leon McKenzie
Artist(s): Fernando Sosa &Merbitt
Cover Artist(s): Fernando Sosa & Merbitt

If Family Guy and Justice League had a love child, it would be Fleischer. He means well, but Fleischer is the proverbial fool in a China shop. In his debut adventure he must defend Generic City from Cyber-Abe and a little girl with a bad attitude, aided by the ever-drunk Green Latrine with a guest appearance by Frosty the Snowman. The world needs a hero... We've got Fleischer.


Myth Adventure of the Muses #2
Author(s): CW Cooke
Artist(s): Nacho Estevez
Cover Artist(s): Nacho Estevez

You've seen the story of Terpsichore, the Muse of Dance, now it's time to learn of Clio, the Muse of History. She travels to the mortal world, just as her sister before her. The universe and all of time itself opens for Clio, and it will for you as well. Explore humanity and what it means to not just be a man or woman, but also a god and a muse. This is book two, the story of Clio. You won't forget it.