Here is the list of titles for December 2011!

The Mis-Adventures of Adam West #1
The Mis-Adventures of Adam West #1
The Mis-Adventures of Adam West #1

Writer: Jeffrey Renaud
Pencils: Kewber Arruda
Cover Artist(s): Joe Phillips & Kewber (50/ 50) - Incentive cover by Matt Bellisle

A four-issue miniseries wasn't enough for TV's original Batman. Fueled by his imagination (and a magical amulet), ADAM WEST continues his travels through time, space and alternate realities fighting evil-doers in his very own ongoing series. Villains be warned. A true American hero is back in business. Better buckle your seatbelts.

The Mis-Adventures of Adam West (graphic novel)

Author(s): Reed Lackey
Artist(s): V Kenneth Marion
Cover Artist(s): Joe Phillips
Price: $15.99

The Man, The Myth, The Amulet? Legendary star of the small and silver screen, ADAM WEST, has his career youth-enized in this hip-whimsical,trans-dimensional epic of an adventure. When a mysterious fan delivers an exotic amulet to Mr. West's doorstep he is Dorothy-fied on an odyssey that will change his career, his love life and inadvertently make him the man that saves the universe! With a foreword by Julie Newmar (aka Catwoman).


Baneberry Creek Academy for Wayward Faries #3

Author(s): CW Cooke
Artist(s): Rene Leon

Something horrible is on it's way to Baneberry Academy, but before it can get there, the girls get to have a dance with the boys school! We cast our light down on Sierra this time and what it means, for her, to be a fairy. She's had a rough life, and coming to Baneberry has been a dream come true. But as the dance rears it's ugly head and Sierra can't find a date, she's forced to make a bad decision that might affect all of the school.


FAME: Britney Spears (graphic novel)

FAME: BRITNEY SPEARS (graphic novel)
Author(s): Patrick McCray
Artist(s): Ricardo Jaime
Cover Artist(s): Joe Phillips
Price: $7.99

Britney Spears -- the most famous superstar of the 21st century.What does it take to reach those heights in the Internet Age? What are the hidden costs when every move makes the headlines? More than an entertainment powerhouse. More than a dancer and musician. Britney Spears is a survivor! This special graphic novel edition has a bunch of extras.


Female Force: Cher

Author(s): Marc Shapiro
Artist(s): Alex Lopez

Cher is a platinum selling singer, an award winning actress and a performer for the ages. She's one smart cookie who knows a lot and has done it all. Get the skinny on Cher's rise to the status of legend in the upcoming Bluwater comic book "Female Force: Cher" written by New York Times Bestselling Author Marc Shapiro and illustrated by (add name). And the beat goes on.


Fleischer #2

Author(s): Edward Gross & Leon McKenzie
Artist(s): Fernando Sosa & Merbitt

The ultimate struggle between good and evil is waged as….ah, who are we kidding? It's just the further adventures of that oblivious but lovable putz, Fleischer. In his second outing, Fleisch teams up with Shatman and his pint-sized sidekick Spocky as they go up against the evil Cyber-Abe 2.0 and begin to learn the secrets of…Epa!!!!


John Saul's Blackstone Chronicles #2

Author(s): Patrick McCray
Artist(s): Velentin Ramon

The brutal death of Elizabeth McGuire at the hands of herdaughter was mere child's play. Now,that the evil of the Blackstone curse has been unleashed, can anything stopit? Asylum heir Oliver Metcalf findshimself pitted against a phantom adversary whose weapons are deadly mementos ofgenerations past.


Orbit: John Lennon

Author(s): Marc Shapiro
Artist(s): Luciano Kars
Cover Artist(s): Luciano Kars

John Lennon's post Beatles life was every bit as amazing as his time as part of the legendary Fab Four. In the upcoming Bluwater comic book "Fame: John Lennon", writer Marc Shapiro looks at those up and down moments that defined this true artist and renissance man's final years...right up to the moment when the music truly died.


Logan's Run: aftermath (graphic novel)

LOGAN'S RUN: aftermath (graphic novel)
Author(s): Paul Salamoff
Artist(s): Phillip Simpson

As the world deals with the loss of the Thinker; Logan, Jessica and their infant son Jaq have found a secluded spot to live out their new found extended lives. But the world isn't done with Logan-6 and though he tries to stay out of things, a mysterious person from his past re-emerges with an agenda of her own and a score to settle with the retired Sandman.


Nelson Mandela: A Graphic Novel

Author(s): Clay & Susan Griffith
Artist(s): Pablo Martinena

Nelson Mandela of South Africa is one of the most important figures of the last century. He is a symbol of the struggle against racial and political oppression, and a model for sustaining that struggle with grace and decency. Born into an elite family of the Thembu people, Mandela could have had an elevated place under European control, but he chose a different route. He became a successful lawyer, political activist, national leader, fugitive guerrilla, and finally a prisoner of South Africa's brutal white supremacist apartheid regime. After 25 years in prison, Mandela walked free to become the first black president in South Africa's first multi-racial election. Refusing to equate victory with revenge, he called on both supporters and former oppressors to work to heal his fragile country. Mandela realized his place in African democracy, so he set an example by relinquishing power after his term in office. He has since gone on to become a beloved international figure, like a 90-year old rock star, an icon dedicated to sacrifice for those in need.


Political Power: Mitt Romney

Author(s): Marc Shapiro
Artist(s): Scott Bingham

Mitt Romney is smart, principaled and he knows how to crunch numbers which is why the Republican party sees him as the Great White Hope in the 2012 presidental election. How Mitt Romney got to frontrunner status on the political right is the subject of Bluwater Productions "Political Power: Mitt Romney". Smart is sexy.


Quartermain #1

Author(s): Clay & Susan Griffith
Artist(s): Patricio Carbajal
Cover Artist(s): Patricio Carbajal

Allan Quatermain, famed hunter and trader, treks across East Africa where he runs afoul of the warlord Bwana Nzige, Lord of the Locusts, who rules a vast empire built on blood and ivory. Quatermain finds himself the prey as he is hunted by Nzige's chief assassin, the fearsome sorcerer, Lokongoi.


RAIN (graphic novel)

RAIN (graphic novel)
Author(s): Nick Lyons
Artist(s): Sean Lee

In this graphic novel to the prequel to Bluewater Comics' hit series "Victoria's Secret Service," readers are introduced to the sexy, skilled thief named Rain (AKA Scarlet) as she takes on high risk, high reward jewelry theft jobs.


Sherlock Holmes: Victorian Knights #1

Author(s): Ken Janssens
Artist(s): Matt Martin

Dead body? Check. Haunted boarding house? Check. Asshole detective and his long-suffering sidekick? Double Check. Take a nineteenth-century, roller coaster ride chocked full of all the Action, Mystery, and Deduction you've come to love out of the adventures of the world's greatest detective in this new four-issue mini-series.


Tales from William F. Nolans: Dark Universe #3

Author(s): William F. Nolan & Jason Brock
Artist(s): Various

"Author William F. Nolan ("Logan's Run", "Burnt Offerings") teams up once again with writer Jason V Brock ("Bleeding Edge", "Milton's Children") to bring you stories of the uncanny... Lots of action, terror and mayhem to carry you to the next thrilling issue! Join us for more shocking tales from the far reaches of the Dark Universe!"


Political Power: The Tea Party Movement

Author(s): Marc Shapiro
Artist(s): Christopher Hanchey

Their roots are in the American Revolution. But in a scant two years The Tea Party has been reborn as a vital cog in the modern political wheel. Read all about the rise of The Tea Party and get insight into one of its most ardent supporters in the upcoming "Political Power: Michele Bachmann and The Tea Party" from Bluewater Productions.


The Muse #1

Author(s): Paul Storie
Artist(s): Rantz & JD Bruce

Former 10th Muse Morgan Wulf has been given a second chance at a 17-year-old girl! With the awesome powers of The Muse, she can fearlessly face off against Greek goddesses & mythological monsters. But as Morgan, she must confront the most frightening challenge of all: HIGH SCHOOL!


Walter Koenig's Things to Come #4

Author(s): Walter Koenig
Artist(s): Juan Baez

The spilling of blood,
The death source and the life force,
the end of humanity and its beginning.


Vincent Price Presents #38

Author(s): Clay & Susan Griffith
Artist(s): Elvira Soto

In this special Centennial issue to commentate the 100th birthday of Vincent Price, will feature a special crossover with Dracula vs Vincent Price vs the Raven.


Fame: Betty White (graphic novel)

FAME: BETTY WHITE (graphic novel)
Author(s): Patrick McCray
Artist(s): Todd Tennant
Cover Artist(s): Adam Ellis
Price: $7.99

Betty White: GoldenGirl Goes Platinum traces the amazing life of the actor, writer, wit, and humanitarian who has also been Hollywood's most enduring "it girl" for over sixty astounding years. From the earliest days of television to the cutting edge of Facebook and SNL, Betty always makes the scene! This special graphic novel edition has a bunch of extras.