With the success of converting such classic titles as "Quartermain," "Sherlock Holmes," "Back to Mysterious Island," and "Juliet" into sold-out comic book series, Bluewater has expanded further into the world of literature with "Dorian Gray." The classic story about the literary world's original bad boy gets a modern make-over in this interpretation.

"Dorian Gray" is an updated take from Bluewater based on the classic horror novel by Oscar Wilde. "Dorian Gray #1" is now available. The thrilling adaptation was written by Darren G. Davis and Scott Davis ("Wrath of the Titans," "Blackbeard Legacy"). Federico De Luca ("John Saul's: God Project") illustrated both the interiors and covers for the title.

The Grays are a cursed family. Dorian Gray IV, the last of his line, struggles with the realization that his personal demons are exactly that... a supernatural force that plagues not only the Grays but many of society's wealthiest families. Convinced that his redemption will only be secured through ridding the city of demons called the Morbi, Dorian launches an ongoing crusade for his soul.

"I really love this character and these stories. It contains everything I like to read in comics and everything I like to draw, too!" said artist Federico De Luca.

"I've had these projects in mind for years and finally being able to get them out is a dream come true. I have had a lot of success reestablishing classic characters such as the Muses in '10th Muse,' as well as 'The Legend of Isis,'" said Darren G. Davis, creator of both series.

Print versions of "Dorian Gray" are retailing at $3.99 each and can be purchased exclusively at Digital versions of this title, along with "Quartermain," "Back to Mysterious Island," & "Sherlock Holmes" are available for download to Nook, Kindles, or iTunes. Find the comics at online retailers ComiXology, DriveThru Comics, My Digital Comics, and more. A limited edition cover is also available at Comic Flea Market by "Vincent Price" artist Stefano Cardoselli.


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Issue #2 will be out in October.

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