Liz Taylor the Comic book

With season three of “Downton Abbey” coming to a close with heartbreak, Bluewater Comics is releasing a new comic book about in inspiration for the hit series. “Female Force: Lady Almina: The real Downton Abbey” will be out on February 20.

Will the real Downton Abbey' please stand up? With the success of PBS' steamy series set in yesteryear England, interest has been garnered in the 'real' Downton Abbey, Lady Almina. Join Bluewater comics as they explore the life and (often scandalous) times of Lady Almina in their latest Female Force bio-comic series, written by Michael Troy with art by Giuseppe Latanza and a cover by Philip Horton.

"I've always had a fondness for snooty British aristocracy and scandal- so this one was a guilty pleasure to work on for sure," said writer Michael Troy.

“Female Force” is a female empowerment comic book series that has featured actors, politicians, authors, and musicians—everyone from Princess Diana and Hillary Clinton, to J.K. Rowling and Cher. These biographical comics, written by some of the most talented writers in the comic world and beyond, deliver an informed and illustrated look into the lives of these figures.

“We wanted to showcase the strong women in different societies that have inspired generations and shaped the culture of today,” Publisher Darren G.Davis said. “Kids and adults alike can look up to these women as great role models.”

“Female Force” has been embraced by the media and featured on several television news outlets including The Today Show and on CNN. The series has also been featured in many publications such as USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Time magazine, and People magazine. Future titles will feature the Queen of England, Mary Pickford & Elizabeth Taylor.

“Female Force: Lady Almina: The real Downton Abbey” can be ordered exclusively at Comic Flea Market:

Digital versions can be purchased iTunes, Nook, Kindle, Google Play, ComiXology, iTunes, Amazon and wherever e-books are sold.