VANCOUVER (Feb 21, 2012) - Arcana Comics is pleased to announce they have recently picked up the rights to part of Bluewater's fiction library! The publishers have been in talks for quite a while, leading to the aquisition. Titles include the popular 10th Muse as well as Legend of Isis, and Judo Girl, as well as twenty-three others.

"I have worked with Arcana in the past and am excited to team up with them again. Teaming up with another independent comic book company, the foundation can only strengthen our brands," says Darren G. Davis, Bluewater President. "We have 10 years of product to get out in trade paperback form - and we could not do it ourselves. It is like spring cleaning, we have some much new fiction titles upcoming and we also still have plans for Isis and 10th Muse through Bluewater. They also have success getting stuff through into tv and films. So this is a great partnership".

"Darren and Arcana did Valkyrie back in the day and it's great to be working with him again. He is one of the most talented and prolific creators I've worked with, and everyone is very excited about these dozens of graphic novels added into our library," says Arcana's CEO Sean Patrick O'Reilly.

Starting later this year, Arcana Comics will release collected editions of the comic books in graphic novel form, giving new readers a chance to learn about these exciting titles.