Bieber GN as part of
"CauseBooks" literacy campaign

Celebrity Partners Use Social Media to Promote Literacy and Support Charities through the Download of Free eBooks

LOS ANGELES, February 23, 2012 - Studio W, an emerging leader in the creation, production, distribution and monetization of digital entertainment, announced today the launch of a socially-conscious eBook campaign on its eBook distribution platform. The program, dubbed CauseBooks, is an innovative digital marketing opportunity that leverages the power of celebrity and the expanding popularity of eBooks to inspire consumers to support a worthy cause. Brand sponsors become part of the dynamic editorial and promotional experience.

"It's a very comprehensive and attractive solution for all parties involved," says Brian Altounian, CEO of Studio W. "Celebrities reach out to their fan base via social media, encouraging a free download of an eBook with a special message about a specific charity and branding from a paying sponsor." As part of its overall mission, Studio W specializes in creating custom brand strategies to develop, produce, distribute and promote entertainment properties across multiple product lines and distribution channels.

"Because of our far-reaching, proprietary patent allowing for the insertion of advertising in eBooks, much of the online content we provide can be delivered to the consumer for free online," Altounian says. With CauseBooks, Studio W packages the celebrity, publisher, charitable program and sponsor. In the inaugural campaign, found online at, rap artist Pleasure Ellis reaches out to his 300,000 Twitter followers, encouraging a download of a Justin Bieber graphic novel biography published by Bluewater Productions. The download is made available by Health Matrix Direct, whose sponsorship also supports a generous donation to the non-profit Lost & Found in America (LAFIA). Studio W has created an additional 8-10 campaigns for release throughout the year.

"When I first heard the Studio W team describe CauseBooks, I immediately saw the benefit for our company," says Andrew Golden, CEO of Health Matrix Direct. "We set a goal of reaching a specific target audience with our message and this was one of the most unique approaches to deliver that message - and we are supporting a wonderful non-profit at the same time. In one shot we can promote reading using a unique marketing initiative combined with the precise target reach that the digital medium provides - it is nothing short of brilliant."

CauseBooks is made possible through Studio W's patented technology on placement of ads in eBooks. Altounian explains, "With the prevalence of digital eReaders such as the iPad and the Kindle, there is a great opportunity for advertisers to play a role in subsidizing the cost of eBooks, paying publishers and creators while making the content free to the consumer. CauseBooks adds a socially-conscious element to the advertising-in-eBooks discussion."

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Studio W is an emerging leader in the creation, production, distribution and monetization of digital entertainment content, such as eBooks, eComics, graphic novels, online video content, casual games, apps and enhanced and blended media formats. Studio W creates custom brand strategies across multiple product lines and distribution channels, including its own websites (,,, traditional media, social media and emerging technologies. Studio W is an Alliance Acquisitions, Inc. portfolio company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Find more at

About Lost & Found in America

The non-profit organization Lost & Found in America (LAFIA) offers support for recovery, homeless and faith based organizations in communities across the country and creates community projects, which includes the formation of transitional housing programs and centralized community resource centers.

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