Female Force: Madonna in stores Wednesday, Aug 17!
In stores Wednesday, Aug 17!

Bluewater is pleased to announce a special comic book project featuring one of the most accomplished and well-known figures in the history of American pop culture, Madonna, just as she celebrates her 53rd birthday on Aug. 16. On Wednesday, Aug. 17 fans can pick up their copies of "Female Force: Madonna."

"Female Force: Madonna" will have a cover price of $3.99 and is written by CW Cooke and drawn by Michael Johnson.

Born Madonna Ciccone in Bay City, Michigan in 1958, the singer, pop-star and businesswoman has become arguably the most influential figure in the history of American music. This comic book will focus on her humble beginnings and the incredible events that led to her eventually becoming one of the few people in the world recognized by only their first name! Though she has paved the way for many female pop stars that came after her, from Britney Spears to Lady Gaga to Beyonce, she is unique in that while many are compared to her, she is never compared to anyone else. Even in her fifties, she remains culturally relevant, and this comic book shows the influences on her music and style that in turn have influenced every pop star who aspires to not only make songs that people will always remember, but have an impact on society.

"Most pop stars owe everything to this woman. It's amazing all of the things that she's done in her lifetime, and I have a feeling that this is still only the beginning," says Cooke, who said he had fun scripting her life story.

The "Female Force" comic series offers a broad examination of strong and influential women who are shaping modern history and culture. In past issues, the monthly series has featured, Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, JK Rowling, Ellen Degeneres, Sarah Palin and others.

Bluewater's Vice President Jason Schultz said, "Our goal is to show the little-known events and influences that resulted in Madonna becoming the phenomenon she remains to this day, more than a quarter-century after she burst upon the scene. A visual medium provides perspective that is not only accessible but more relatable to the average person without losing any of the information involved".

This 32-page comic book will be chronicling this saga and will explore all sides of this inimitable talent, from her live performances, ever-changing musical tastes, to her being a leader in fashion and her charity work, Madonna has made positive contributions to her fans' lives and society at large and how, despite numerous controversies she remains beloved by more fans than ever. Through it all, she always remained true to herself and appeared to be genuine. What you see is what you get with her. That - and her remarkable talent is what has made her an enduring legend. Madonna is quite simply one of the most powerful women in the history of entertainment.

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The Female Force series has been featured on the Today Show, CNN, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and in the New York Times, USA Today, Rolling Stone, Billboard, Perez Hilton and thousands of other sites.

Subjects of Bluewater's "Female Force" have include Kathy Griffin, Ruth Handler: The creator of Barbie and Martha Stewart. Upcoming later this year will be Cher.