Graphicly website gets a facelift!

The new Graphicly website launches today! It looks a lot better and has a ton of new functionality. The new Graphicly website continues our work with evolving the digital comics experience. As we continue to embrace HTML5, our browser based comic reader gets a major update as well as the complete redesign of the Graphicly website, continuing our commitment to the comics community. In addition, we take a major step in supporting creators and providing tools to share their stories digitally, by enabling our browser based comic reader to be easily shared, embedded and distributed.

Visit now at now and read digital Bluewater Comics online!

New site features:

- Brand new site design

- Our Web Comic Reader is now embeddable and distributable - so every comic can be embedded on another site or blog, essentially a YouTube for Comics. So creators can now embed and sell their comics on their own sites, as well as fans can share the comics they love.

- New community section with user profiles complete with social activities and tracking (i.e. follow other users, see what others are reading etc).

- Comics, characters and creators database that is searchable and linked to the comics they appear in.

- Enhanced social functionality (Facebook powered comments on comics etc).

Additional News:

- Our Android app also was updated this week to now include user profiles and social/activity stream information about the users in our community.

Some additional recent facts about Graphicly:

- The Graphicly user base has doubled since January 2011

- 1 comic book is downloaded per minute

- Every book purchased on Graphicly is read 3.8 times

- Every social action made by a user (comment, like on Facebook, etc) is seen on average 400 times by other fans and friends