FAME: Suzanne Collins
In Stores Now!

With the "Hunger Games" movie coming out this week, this is the perfect time for fans to discover what inspired Suzanne Collins to write 'The Hunger Games. In stores today is "FAME: Suzanne Collins: creator of the Hunger Games"

"FAME: Suzanne Collins" offers fans a unique look at the life of their beloved author, and what inspired her best-selling young adult book series, "The Hunger Games." It chronicles her life, including important moments in her childhood, her early career in children's television, and her transition to the world of young adult literature.

"FAME: Suzanne Collins" is written by Sara Gundell, features original cover artwork by Joe Phillips, whose credits include work for DC Comics, and is illustrated by Mimei Sakamoto, an acclaimed Manga artist.

It seems only fitting that Collins is the subject of Bluewater's latest bio-comic, as she joins the ranks of other authors previously featured in Bluewater titles, such as J.K. Rowling, Anne Rice, Charlaine Harris, Stephen King and Stephenie Meyer.

"With comic book shelves teeming with violence, sex and dark brooding heroes, these biographies are reading material that teens enjoy and parents can appreciate as they are fun, fact-filled and age appropriate," said Bluewater president Darren Davis. "We understand who these celebrities are, what they represent, and tried to create an illustrated world that captures their story."

Writer Sara Gundell runs the young adult literature website Novel Novice, and writes exclusively about "The Hunger Games" series for She has also contributed her "Hunger Games" knowledge to MTV,, and other media outlets.

According to Bluewater, many schools and libraries order and enjoy the biography comics as a reading supplement for reticent readers.

Davis credits comic books for helping him overcome a reading disability. "I was a terrible student. My parents couldn't get me to read the back of a cereal box, much less my schoolbooks. But once I discovered comics I realized it was a gateway too much, much more. I look at our biography comics in a similar light. If they help one person on the road to reading, the journey was well worth it."

The 40-page graphic novel retails for $7.99. These biography titles typically sell out very quickly so fans are encouraged to order their copy through their local comic book shop, or order them through Amazon, Barnes & Noble or any other bookstore.

Also in stores now are graphic novels of super-celebs like Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Glee & Big Time Rush.

The books are also available on the NOOK & Kindle.

You can order "FAME: Suzanne Collins" on Amazon now:

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