INFAMOUS: Charlie Sheen
INFAMOUS: Charlie Sheen
in stores August 10th

Fans don't have to wait until next week for the anticipated release of the Charlie Sheen biography comic book. According to "Infamous: Charlie Sheen" publisher Bluewater Productions, an ebook version of the special issue is now available for purchase from Barnes and Noble.

The comic featuring Sheen, who a few months ago seemed to mentally implode in public view and spiral into a vortex of incomprehensible and increasingly bizarre rantings, can be downloaded directly from the Barnes and Noble website in ebook format for the Nook.

"Infamous: Charlie Sheen," written by Marc Shapiro and illustrated by Fred Grivaud, not only provides a framework for his recent media-captured outbursts, but also shows the path of how the highly-paid actor reached this critical point in his career. The 32-page comic will also tackle substance abuse and mental health issues.

"We are looking at the future of comic book distribution," said Bluewater president Darren Davis. Any comic book publisher must realize there is a considerable market and great opportunity to keep the medium progressing through digital versions of our books."

The print version of the Sheen issue will also be available at comic book stores and other venues (including Barnes and Noble) on August 10th.

Although Bluewater has digitally distributed various titles through other venues, this is the first time the Washington-based publisher's title has been made available directly through Barnes and Nobles Nook.

"As a community of readers, we are getting more and more comfortable in an online world; and more and more demanding in terms of the immediacy of the instant download," Davis said. "With that said, I don't see Bluewater ever discontinuing our print, but I do see a greater expansion into the digital world."

According to Bluewater, the title is an unorthodox take on an unorthodox career. Suggested by Diamond Distributors, Bluewater will develop and publish an up to the moment account of Sheen's life. The comic book has been featured by CNN, CNBC, TV Guide, OK Magazine, Entertainment Weekly as well as 1,000's of other places.

Both digital and print version of the issue will retail for $3.99.

Readers can download the ebook version to their Nook at

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