Political Power: Ronald Reagan
Political Power: Ronald Reagan

From movie star to charismatic leader of the free world, the life of Ronald Reagan is the next featured biography in Bluewater Productions' Political Power comic series. The issue releases on Wednesday.

Considered by many to be either one of the United States' greatest presidents and father of the neo-conservative movement or an out-of–touch figurehead, Reagan's legacy still sparks debate 20-plus years after leaving office.

Political Power: Ronald Reagan, scheduled for release in October, examines Reagan's eventful life from radio broadcaster to B-movie actor to California governor to President and includes his dignified fight against Alzheimer's disease in later years. Written by Don Smith and drawn by Heath Foley.

"Reaganomics, the assassination attempt, "Star Wars" the air-traffic controllers strike, Iran-Contra, and, of course, the collapse of the "evil empire" Soviet Union; wherever you may fall on the political spectrum, you must agree that Reagan's time in office has had a profound and lasting influence on the country," said Bluewater president Darren Davis.

Writer Don Smith adds "I think the crux of the book will be the assessment of whether Reagan was simply at the right place and time when the Soviet Union fell. Or was he one of the shrewdest occupants of the White House?"

Political Power: Rush Limbaugh
Political Power: Rush Limbaugh

Additionally, Bluewater announced that conservative pundit and radio show host Rush Limbaugh will soon step onto the pages of Political Power.

An issue, scheduled for an April release, will follow Limbaugh's career as a Top 40 radio disc jockey and staffer on a major league baseball team through his rise as the soul of the conservative movement through his popular nationally syndicated radio program.

"The book won't shy away from Limbaugh's colorful and sometimes controversial past," Davis said, "In fact they add dimension and depth as to how he formed his philosophy and how he continues to influence the political and social landscape."

Political Power, launched this past July with a feature on former-Secretary of State and retired four-star general Colin Powell, has presented such unauthorized biographies as Barack Obama, Joe Biden, George W. Bush, Al Gore and several others.

Like its sister title Female Force, Political Power strives to tell even-handed stories of the individuals responsible for shaping the American way of life," Davis added.