The Royals: Prince William & Kate Middleton now on the iPad
The Royals comic now available on the iPad!

New York, NY ­ April 26, 2011 ­ The inevitable buzz is contagious as the world prepares for William and Kate's upcoming nuptials on April 29th. As the international fascination with the leading family of England continues to grow, Bite Sized Candy has partnered with Bluewater Productions to release The Royals. This interactive comic is leading the way and launching ahead of its print counterpart. The story is based upon the couple's lives before they were boyfriend and girlfriend and how they came together to become the future king and queen of England. The Royals will be available as an in-app purchase in Bluewater Productions' comic iPad application

Kate's 18 carat sapphire engagement ring that belonged to Diana sparkles and pleases in the iPad comic as does the interactive engagement which encourages the user to move from screen to screen through the chapters of the couple's evolution. The product aims to highlight how their bond is more relatable than one would realize. They are living a fairy tale which very few people will experience firsthand, but nonetheless their relationship has had its fair share of highs and lows which anyone would expect and can resonate with when merging lives.

The print comic has been showcased on The Today Show, ABC World News Tonight, The Wendy Williams Show, and in People magazine. This launch will be followed by a graphic novel to be published in May. The latter will include posters and illustrations of the wedding at Westminster Abbey in addition to a comparison of William's tying of the knot with his parents' memorable 1981 wedding.

In regards to the release of The Royals, Parie Markowitz, CEO of Bite Sized Candy, commented, "We think it's very interesting and innovative that Bluewater Productions is intertwining pop culture with the comic book scene. Their artwork and design really lend itself to the iPad's functionality."