She's elegant and warm, and he's flashing an engaging regal smile; together they are surrounded by a wreath of white flowers. That's the cover image buyers will see on shelves when Bluewater's biography graphic novel version on the upcoming royal wedding releases the 1st week of April.

Bluewater unveiled the final cover image by artist Michal Szyksznian featuring Prince William of England and Kate Middleton and announced the book will not feature alternative covers.

"My sister-in-law thought this cover was more romantic," mused Bluewater president Darren Davis. "But seriously, when we reviewed all the cover options, we thought Michal's struck just the right tone for the book."

The other covers (both illustrated by Pablo Martinena who also penciled the title's interior artwork) previously attributed to the upcoming issue will be bonus extras in the trade publication.

Additionally, Bluewater is leaking the first six pages of the book to several news and blog sources.

"We are very proud of this book. We are trying to show that you have a couple not so unlike any other. Yes there are some huge, fairy-tale differences, but beyond the public glare, you have two people trying to create a loving, lasting bond that is not without its ups and downs," Davis said.

"The Royals" reminds readers how much of William's life has been lived in the public eye; his birth, the tragic death of his mother Diana; his schooling, charitable work and military service. However, this issue, penned by CW Cooke ("Fame: Taylor Swift" and "Fame: Beyonce"), looks to give context to the headlines along with a fresh take on the burgeoning 8-year romance with his bride-to-be Kate Middleton.

"Fame: The Royals," penned by veteran comic book scribe CW Cooke, covers the life stories of William and Kate Middleton and how they balance the need for privacy and the demands of a very public life. A follow-up graphic novel to be published in May will include pinup posters, special illustrations of the April 29th wedding as well as a comparison with Diana and Charles' 1981 wedding.

The standard 32-page issue retails for $3.99. It will be available through local comic book stores. The special collector's edition (which will feature over forty pages and the alternative covers), will retail for $7.99. will be available through several online venues including (and Amazon UK) and the Barnes and Noble and Borders bookstores.

The comic book has been featured on the Today Show, ABC World News Tonight, The Wendy Williams Show & People Magazine.