Coming to stores
March 19th!

For over three decades novelist John Saul has been terrorizing fans with his books. On his novel "The God Project", "People" magazine said he had the "instincts of a natural storyteller."

Thanks to Bluewater Productions, now a new generation of fans can see one of his best selling novels, told from the perspective of the comic book with "John Saul Presents: The God Project". The project was adapted by noted comic book and science fiction writer David McIntee (Doctor Who and Star Trek) with art provided by internationally known artist Federico De Luca.

"It's fascinating to watch the visions I had in my head while writing the book be brought to life by the talents of these graphical artists and writers," said Saul.

Darren G. Davis, President of Bluewater Productions said incorporating Saul's story into sequential art has been thrilling. "I have adored the work of John Saul since I could remember," said Davis. "I have never hidden the fact that reading was always difficult for me, but there was something about a John Saul book that could lose myself and see the dark world he created from his perspective."

"John Saul's The God Project" is set in the quiet town of Eastbury, Massachusetts. By all appearances it is a peaceful and prosperous community. The ideal place to raise a family. Right? But now the Montgomery family must deal with the death of their baby daughter. It is a mystery that modern medicine should be able to answer, but it can't; and the Corliss family tries to press on after the disappearance of their teenage son. His vanishing will bring many eyes to Eastbury, and spark quite a different type of mystery.

What happened to these children? Eastbury happened.

The 32-page issue will be in comic book stores on March 19th for an SRP of $3.99. To find a comic book store near you or pre-order the comic book go to the Comic Shop Locator at http://comicshoplocator.com.

Issue one will also be released on the Nook and Kindle on the same date.

Late last year, Bluewater and Saul teamed up to produce another of his best selling novels, "The Blackstone Chronicles", into a comic book as well as a graphic novel. Issue #1 is available now on the Kindle and Nook by clicking here http://amzn.to/A5vSXj. You can pre-order the full printed graphic novel on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/xftl6U

"John Saul Presents" is just one of many icon-owned projects that Bluewater Comics has worked on. Bluewater has worked with other novelists such as SE Hinton, Steve Harvey, William F. Nolan (Logan's Run), Walter Koenig (Star Trek) & William Shatner.


John Saul was born in Pasadena, California on February 25, 1942, and grew up in Whittier where he graduated from Whittier High School in 1959. He attended several colleges—Antioch, in Ohio, Cerritos, in Norwalk, California, Montana State University and San Francisco State College, variously majoring in anthropology, liberal arts, and theater, but never obtaining a degree.

After leaving college, he decided the best thing for a college dropout to do was become a writer, and spent the next fifteen years working in various jobs while attempting to write a book someone would want to publish. Should anyone ever want to write a novel concerning the car-rental industry or the travails of a temporary typists, John can provide excellent background material.

Those years garnered him a nice collection of unpublished manuscripts, but not a lot of money. Eventually he found an agent in New York, who spent several years sending his manuscripts around, and trying to make the rejection slips sound hopeful. Then, in 1976, one of his manuscripts reached Dell, who didn't want to buy it, but asked if he'd be interested in writing a psychological thriller. He put together an outline, and crossed his fingers.

At that point, things started getting bizarre. His agent decided the outline had all the makings of a best-seller, and so did Dell. Gambling on a first novel by an unknown author, they backed the book with television advertising (one of the first times a paperback original was promoted on television) and the gamble paid off. Within a month "Suffer the Children" appeared on all the best-seller lists in the country and made the #1 spot in Canada. Subsequently all his books have made the best-seller lists and been published worldwide. His books have been published by one imprint or another of Random House.

In addition to his work as novelist, John is also interested in the theater. He has acted, and as a playwright has had several one-act plays produced in Los Angeles and Seattle, and two optioned in New York. One of his novels was produced by Gerber Productions Company and M.G.M. as a C.B.S. movie and another is currently in development.

John served on the Expansion Arts Panel of the National Endowment for the Arts. He is actively involved with the development of other writers, and has been a lecturer at the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference, the Maui Writers Conference, and received the Life Time Achievement Award from the Northwest Writers Conference. John is also a trustee and Vice President of The Chester Woodruff Foundation (New York), a philanthropic organization.

John lives part-time in the Pacific Northwest, and also maintains a residence on the Big Island of Hawaii. He currently enjoys motor-homing, travel and golf. He is an avid reader, bridge player, golfer and loves to cook.