They are some of the biggest stars on the planet. The mere mention of their names sends teens into screaming frenzies. And now super-celebs like Selena Gomez, Drake, Big Time Rush and The Hunger Games' Suzanne Collins can come home with fans as Bluewater Productions is featuring all four as comic book biographies releasing on March 14th.

All four books releasing this month are part of Bluewater's Fame series. Three of the releases, Gomez, Collins and Big Time rush are expanded 40-page graphic novels while the Drake title is a standard sized issue.

"With comic book shelves teeming with violence, sex and dark brooding heroes, these biographies are reading material that teens enjoy and parents can appreciate as they are fun, fact-filled and age appropriate," said Bluewater president Darren Davis. "We understand who these celebrities are, what they represent, and tried to create an illustrated world that captures their story."

According to Bluewater, many schools and libraries order and enjoy the biography comics as a reading supplement for reticent readers.

Davis credits comic books for helping him overcome a reading disability. "I was a terrible student. My parents couldn't get me to read the back of a cereal box, much less my schoolbooks. But once I discovered comics I realized it was a gateway too much, much more. I look at our biography comics in a similar light. If they help one person on the road to reading, the journey was well worth it."

FAME: Big Time Rush

The biggest hit show of 2011 for Nickelodeon now hits the comic pages. Four friends from Minnesota started a pop singing group on the show, and now you can learn the back-story of these 4 young men and their co-stars. Find out from where Kendall, Logan, Carlos and James came, and see what propelled these four young men into the limelight. Join the phenomenon that is sweeping the nation.

FAME: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is young, talented and she's dating Justin Bieber!!! It's been a meteoric rise from girl next door to Princess of the popular music 'Selena Gomez: Young At Heart' written by Marc Shapiro with art by Alex Lopez. Selena Gomez: Young At Heart will set young fans hearts a twitter. This special graphic novel edition has a bunch of extras.

FAME: Suzanne Collins – writer of the Hunger Games

Since leaving behind a career in children's television, Suzanne Collins has made her mark on the world with her best-selling young adult book series, The Hunger Games – now about to become a feature film. "FAME: Suzanne Collins" offers a look at how events in her life helped shape the series that would make her a household name.

FAME: Drake

Rap, R&B and Drake! A heady, thought-provoking mixture from a genius in the making who has it all going on. But behind the talent is the person who is very much the man when it counts. Drake is the star your parents hope you grow up to be. Read all about this superstar's rise to stardom, his dedication to family and the adult way in which he deals with the world.

The 40-page graphic novels retail for $7.99 and single issues retail for $3.99.These biography titles typically sell out very quickly so fans are encouraged to order their copy through their local comic book shop, or order them through Amazon, Barnes & Noble or any other book store. To find a comic book store near you go to www.comicshoplocator.com

The books are also available on the NOOK & Kindle.