Vincent Price Presents centennial omnibus
Vincent Price centennial omnibus

Vincent Price. Just his name conjures up goose bumps. For more than two generations the revered actor and horror icon provided spine tingling thrills with his unforgettable on screen roles. Now in honor of the centennial of his birth Bluewater Productions, in partnership with the Price estate, is set to celebrate his legacy with a slate of titles dedicated to and featuring the master actor.

In conjunction with the 100th anniversary of his birth in May, Bluewater will be releasing three separate titles including Vincent Price Presents #31, a second volume graphic novel compiling some earlier issues, and a biography comic. An omnibus edition containing the first 25 issues of the horror anthology series bearing Price's name will be available in July.

"'Vincent Price Presents' has been one of Bluewater's most popular, well-received and longest-running titles," said Bluewater president Darren Davis, "It proves Mr. Price has an enduring legacy. We are thrilled to pay homage to a Hollywood legend and be part of this celebration."

The title first appeared on Halloween of 2008. It incorporates the likeness of the late actor in each issue; sometimes as a narrator, sometimes as a character. Several of Price's iconic roles have been revisited during the run of the comic book series.

The series also included several Poe reinterpretations including Pit and the Pendulum which was also a 1961 Roger Corman film production starring Price. Most of the comic book series includes new and original tales of fear, suspense and the supernatural written by a variety of established comic book authors and illustrated by a stable of artists.

"May will certainly be a horror fans, delight," Davis said. Last month Vincent Price's estate, headed by his daughter Victoria Price, announced their "One Hundred Year Legacy Campaign.

According to the estate the campaign will focus both on an entirely new generation of fans, as well as life-long Price enthusiasts. "The Price Estate looks forward to connecting with the subset of young film lovers, while reminding Price's extensive fan base of the scope and breadth of his career and appeal."

Colonial Radio Theatre is developing an ongoing series of Radio Drama's based off the comic book series. The programs will air on Sirius/XM radio. They started airing last Halloween and will continue through 2011. Also in 2011, will be a Vincent Price action figure based of the comic book series by Executive Replicas.

Bluewater's Price-based titles will be included as part of the overall campaign.